Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Woodlands is a wonderful project created by Gregg M. Cox.

It is a story about friendly town situated far above the ground in a tree, where its inhabitants are set on making their world grow with the help of nature.

Several companies are hard at work in the Woodlands, one of them is a construction company by the name of Chloro-fill owned by the friendly boss, Mr. Bacilli.
Chloro-fill uses a method of quick building by emloying a device known as a Photo-Synthesizer. This device is not only environmental friendly, but also enhances growth throughout the Woodlands.

But what would a company be without its workers? Tim and Ben have been with Chloro-fill for several years and know their job well. Tim, a diligent worker loves to see nature flourish, and enjoys his work at the company. Tim has two best friends, his dog Barky and his co-worker, Ben who loves his job as well, though his eating habits sometimes get in the way.

Not far from Chloro-fill, a yougn woman by name of Amber is hard at work making sap jam for the paople of the Woodlands. Sap, a protective element of a tree, is a power source for the people of the Woodlands. But for others, it can be as deadly as acid.

And what would a story be without its bad side? As Tim and Ben try to make things grow and flourish, there are anouther set of the characters who want to do just the opposite, to rot and decay the Woodlands, turning it into a paradise for fungus.

Spur and his two cousins Conny and Cambi have been sent to the Woodlands by the Mold Commitee in Cocci Beach, an area of the tree already infested by rot and decay, to infest the Woodlands and bring it tumbling to the ground. And although Spur and his cousins have had little success, they continue to come up with ideas and plans to carry out their evil deed.

So sit back and take a trip into the world of the Woodlands.

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